About Carnegie Capital

JD Stettin

Managing Partner

David Farhadian

Managing Partner

JD and David have worked together as lenders, brokers and commercial real estate investors.  Their continued success is due to their partnership: David’s modeling brilliance and rigorous underwriting fluency amplified by JD’s gift of problem solving and crafting deals that add value to all of their constituents.  They built Carnegie Capital to focus on sourcing and structuring the best-fit financing for their clients across the commercial real estate spectrum.  Carnegie excels through the three principles of Access, Expertise and Execution.  JD and David personally underwrite, negotiate and lead every deal, working tirelessly to ensure that clients a) have access to all of the right funding sources, b) fully benefit from Carnegie’s expertise in commercial real estate finance and deal structuring and c) execute, making it through to closing, no matter how many obstacles arise along the way.


Clients benefit from our unequaled access to the most effective capital sources across the country.  We have been direct lenders, investors and brokers and so our relationships, reputation and network ensure that each deal is reviewed with every appropriate lender.  From local banks to life companies, from private lenders to regional banks and from Wall Street firms to national lenders, we do not rest until we find the right match for your project.


David has analyzed and underwritten over $250 billion of commercial real estate financing and knows exactly where to look to uncover the maximum value in your asset.  Carnegie works to underscore its strengths and negotiate the most advantageous debt for your needs.  Our 20+ years of expertise in finance enables us to work closely with our lenders’ underwriters and credit committees to ensure that they too realize the full value of your property – ultimately allowing you to achieve your business plan.


As a purely referral and reputational driven firm, we are only effective if we close.  That’s why we are a relentless advocate for your loan all the way through the appraisal, underwriting, loan committee and closing process.  We manage and navigate the due diligence process to mitigate surprises and overcome obstacles.  By doing so, we have closed over $10 billion of commercial real estate financing and pride ourselves on our industry leading closing rate.